About the Company

Footwear world of Dr. Step, We are pleased to invite you to walk with us into the footwear world of Dr. Step, a world that combine, vision, imagination, and creativity, along with comfort and quality without compromise.

We, Dr. Step, wish to give you and your family, the most comfortable and healthiest walking experience.

We, in Dr. Step, believe in current and stylish design, the use of quality raw materials, alongside quality and maximum comfort.

Footwear world of Dr. Step begins with the establishment of "M.S.M Shoes" in the The company is active in the shoes market for over thirty years and markets shoes under the brand Dr. Step. The company aims to design, produce and market healthy and comfortable shoes for the whole family and have a loyal clientele over the years in this area.

Collection of Dr. Step starts from the first step. It is important for us to give your child the experience of marching their first step, ensures stability and maximum comfort .We have footwear for children and youth designed contemporary alongside the convenience and health, comfort shoes for men and women produced in quality handmade producing, combo leather and latex orthopedic removable insole.

You can find the new collection of Dr. Step in our chain stores nationwide and in over 100 points of shoes sale across the country. We will be glad to serve you!